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Market's Finally Headed in the Right Direction!

I know intellectually that I shouldn’t pay attention to the day to day whims of the market but it feels so good to see the market finally headed in the right direction again-up! Yay! As you are no doubt aware the market has been in correction for the past 3 months with the S&P 500 dropping from a peak of 2872 January 26 to a low of 2581 February 26. Since then it’s been pretty much been going sideways until Friday of last week. Today the S&P is at 2722-not back at its January highs but headed in the right direction (see pic below-I’m so not a fan of the new Google Finance format BTW-hard to do long term research). I’ve heard full year forecasts of 2800-3000 for end of year 2018-here’s hoping. Google Finance Now I know what you’re thinking-I thought we were buy and hold investors, over the long term the market goes up 8-10% a year, and that we should celebrate these opportunities to buy stocks at cheaper prices? All true-but it I have to admit it’s psychologically dishea